To The One That Made Me Love Again – ADEDAYO ADEMOKOYA


The earth turned red and I was drenched with terror. Helplessly waiting and hopelessly expecting. Having faith like the biblical mustard seed, hoping that everything would be alright. Suddenly, the dove of my heart descending from the celestial body, perfectly carved for me. I thought it was an illusion but as days and weeks pass by, it dawned on me that this is reality.  How do I describe this dove? Well, I would say she is my perfect one; perfection of its kind. The one that made me love again. The one that made every of my little piece fall in place again.

Let me pour out my heart to my scintillating dove. To the one that captivated my passion, I say ‘kudos’. To the epitome of beauty with the silhouette of honor, I doff my hat. You are my rainfall in the harmattan, refreshment of hope and energy.

I am your Adam and you are my Eve. Together we will live in paradise and God will be our God. You awakened my slumbering mind. You brought action out of my passivity. You immortalized me and sparked the fire of compassion in me. You thrashed all the charming doubts and ended the solitude that led to self-destruction. You flushed away my sorrows. You sowed your seed of loveliness in me and fertilized it with your kisses, watered it with your sugary words of boldness. You made me have all of you. Even if it means passing the camel through the needle’s eye.

You erased all my faults. You thought me to be a lion, the dreaded and respected king. And you are my caring and jealous queen. You untamed the creativity in me, allowing my freedom to go wild. All of you I cherish. To the one that worshiped me, I am humble. To the pacifier of my furor, to the queen of my colony. to the colourful attire on my humble self, to my language, to my music and rhythm, to my muse, gratitude and honor. Peace everlasting. Graciousness forever yours!!!

Sometimes, I find myself far from you but just know that you are the closest to my pretty tiny heart. You improved my self-worth with valuable morals. How will I forget you my shiny sapphire? With all you’ve done for/and with me, I can’t appreciate your influence less. To the unblemished beauty glowing inside out, the unadulterated contagious laughter filling my soul, you made my heart rained the rain of affection. You impregnated my soul with uncommon dexterity.  These are just few from the numerous things you’ve done for me. To thee that blinded herself to my rivals. To the one that elevated me far above other ladies. Roses, kisses and love to you.


Adedayo Ademokoya is a writer and a poet. He is an undergraduate of Osun State University, Osogbo. Although he is an agronomist in the making, his flair for writing to impact the world makes him dynamic. He is a lover of football that supports Manchester United FC. He is
also known as Fantastic Dee.


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PenAStory is a group of young individuals with a passion for literature who have decided to come together to write under one platform. We seek to educate, inform as well as entertain our readers. Also, because we are targeting young literature lovers, we would like to touch on other interests of their lives hence the relationship category and because we all need a bit of motivation in our lives, we decided inspiration won't be so bad
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