In Wait

You who are in the black pit drowning

Letting the salty water take you and your bones under

Your soul is trapped in the beyond

You scream aloud, foaming your mouth

You drain colorful tears and as the swirling dancing water thrives,

They wet your eyes and steal away your agony

‘Tis the reason for the chains locking your ankles and the guillotine lying in wait

You who are in the shadows, lurking to advance stylishly

Your face has become the dark, your voice has become dead

On the pads of the ground, your feet rest

In silence you come, swiftly as the wind

You come as the dusts, as the thickness of the night and your enigmas become known

You who are lost and agonized, have no need for fear

My good graces gear you up,

My plans firming on the soles of thy shoe

Until a manifestation is made known to all


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About Solomon Uhiara

Literature and music are the things I crave for. I believe modern literature has more to offer now that stories happen everyday. I was born in Kaduna, Nigeria.
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