Ex Captain, Marcus Keyamo prepared a small arsenal for his mission. His Kevlar vest embraced him. Decked in all black full body armour, he was ready to melt into the night.

“The night is for the watchman.” his squad leader Philip had said all those years ago when Marcus was a new recruit in the army.

“The one who must be vigilant to the threats so that others don’t have to be. The one who protects,” he had said

“Not this night,” Captain Marcus thought, reassembling a well oiled machine gun. His steady hands belied the sweltering anger he felt inside.

This night was his and he wasn’t the watchman; not anymore. He wasn’t protecting this night. He was avenging. They had taken her. They had taken Semenya, and for this, blood would flow before the night was done.

She was the reason he lived. She had been the only thing on his mind since Sudan – a mission that had claimed the lives of his entire squad. He had barely survived himself. Officially, Captain Marcus Keyamo died at Sudan. A battered and beaten Marcus had survived by a mixture of chance and good fortune. His team had not been as fortunate. Marcus still felt guilty for leading them into the trap that had destroyed them.

Semenya was all he had now and they had taken her. They would pay. They would pay dearly.

He remembered how he had slipped into her ‘secret’ apartment to surprise her two months before. He had waited for hours till he realized something had gone wrong.

Marcus had discovered later that she had been kidnapped at the airport. He smiled recalling the pandemonium he had found. Over a dozen armed men had reportedly come for her. She had killed four of them. ClassicSemenya. Like Marcus, she was a highly skilled operative and assassin, Marcus knew it must have taken a lot to get one such as her.

After all these years, he was finally going to see her again and they had taken her.

Marcus burned inside. His anger had become so uncontrollable since Sudan. Everything was about Sudan to him.

Semenya had a lot of enemies. It had taken him some time to trace the persons behind her abduction. He understood that she was probably dead by now. There was nothing he could do about it. However, he could make them pay for it and he would.

Marcus shoved multiple pistols in different holsters on his body. He slung the machine gun across his back with the strap. Magazines, clips and grenades made his clothing bulge in some places. His throwing knives nestled in his utility belt. He put on his mask.

Marcus arrived at the building to which his investigations had led him. He had taken side streets and alleys carefully letting the darkness shield him.

It was a two storey building. Four armed men stood watch in front of the building. Marcus guessed there were probably four more behind and at least two inside.

Marcus looked to the window at the right side of the top floor. The sniper was there as he had been the other times he had surveyed the building. Marcus stayed in his blind spot. The sniper would have to go first. He would take out the guards in front next. Marcus guessed it would take approximately thirty seconds for the men behind the house to get to the front of the house which meant that was all the time he would have to take care of the four in front after the sniper was done.

Marcus ran over the plan in his head. Kill Sniper. Kill guards in front. Retreat. Kill support guards. Enter building. Kill. Kill. Kill.

Marcus took careful aim with his rifle. It was an impossible angle…for an average operative perhaps. The bullet took the sniper in the chest.

Marcus discarded the rifle immediately -it would be useless in the next phase- running forward in a crouch.

Thirty seconds.

Three of the guards had taken cover at the sound of the rifle. Marcus opened fire on the fourth man who had only managed to get halfway behind a pillar. The first shots took him in the shoulder sending him toppling to the ground. The fallen man screamed as Marcus shot him again, killing him. The other three opened fire as they sounded the alarm.

Twenty-five seconds.

Marcus took cover behind a parked car. Bullets continued to rain. He knew what they were doing. They would continue firing till their reinforcements came. The additional soldiers would flank Marcus and kill him.

It was a good strategy. The steady stream of bullets would keep Marcus from firing on the approaching soldiers who would be exposed.

Fifteen seconds.

Marcus knew they used second grade weapons and he had come armed with only the best. He stood up, the bullets hitting him repeatedly but none piercing his top grade armour. Each hit felt like hammers pounding him. Marcus enjoyed the look of surprise on faces of the three new guards who stood in front of the gate just before he fired at them. They dropped dead to the ground. They had not expected him to brave the shots. He quickly took cover lest his armour become overwhelmed. He threw a grenade into the compound taking out a portion of the wall and two guards.

Five seconds.

Marcus ran forward to take out the last guard of the entrance. He hadn’t taken three steps when a bullet took him by the shoulder. He stumbled as he ran. The bullet had pierced his armour. He was bleeding.

“Another sniper!” Marcus thought in panic.

“Shit!” he screamed but he didn’t take cover. It would put him back in his original position and this time he wouldn’t be able to withstand the armour piercing rounds the sniper was firing. Marcus ran zig zag, narrowly avoiding the bullets. He kicked the last guard hard in the face knocking him out.

Time up, Marcus couldn’t retreat anymore to await the guards coming from the back, so he continued his sprint right through the doors  and came out the back of the house which was now devoid of guards. He took the left running towards the front of the house. This put him behind the guards. Marcus shot both of them in the back. The other two would have gone by the right side of the house to the front. Marcus went back into the house and ran to window by the front door. The guards looked around warily. Expecting an assault from beyond the gate, Marcus fired through the window killing them.

Marcus ran up the stairs as the sniper attempted to position his rifle. He was out of bullets so he threw a knife with the precision of a skilled marksman. It took the sniper in the eye.

“Please! Please!!” a voice screamed from the room the sniper had exited.

Marcus entered to find an obese man in a strained singlet and pyjama trousers on his knees.

“I will pay d- d- double. Don’t kill me, please!”

“You shouldn’t have taken her,” Marcus said.

He looked menacing, his intense eyes causing the fat man to wilt.

“You had no right,” Marcus said as he slit the man’s throat.

A sound of rattling chains drew Marcus’s attention. It came from the next room. Marcus opened the door and found her.

Semenya was suspended to the ceiling by her arms. She wore shorts and a sport bra only. Her body was full of cuts and bruises. She managed to smile coyly even in her predicament.

“Who is my knight in black armour?” she asked

Marcus took off his mask. She looked mildly surprised. Marcus ran his hand through her hair looking into her eyes. Then he plunged a dagger into her heart. She gasped as she died. Marcus felt her body go limp around the dagger he still held in her chest. He watched as her eyes shut slowly like she was slipping into a peaceful slumber. Eyes that had haunted him since Sudan.

“You should have done your job better, assassin” he whispered.

After all this time, Marcus finally had vengeance. He had thought it was taken away from him. He had thought he would have to settle for those who had taken the opportunity from him but now that he had true vengeance on the woman that had killed his squad, he felt lost. His anger still burned. He had no reason to live anymore. As Marcus let go of her corpse, he noticed a tattoo on her belly. He recognized it.

Devitar: an extremist group. Members all worked for the goals of the group. There were no freelancers. Marcus smiled as he realized what it meant.

There was more vengeance to be had. He would have many more nights like this. Marcus exited the building supporting his bloody shoulder. He let the darkness embrace him as the sirens sounded. The night was his.


Bio: Amadin is a student at the university of Benin. He doesn’t believe he’s a writer but he accepts that he is a storyteller. He’s been published on Elsieisy and Naijastories. He is a lover of sitcoms,sci fi and sarcasm. 

Twitter: @wordsmith_ames

 Facebook: Amadin Ogbewe


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