A small kid by name Raja is walking alone at small garden Raja is very smart and intelligent boy and hard working on whatever he does. At Raja school they conducted kabaddi competition and Raja team lost the match.

He is so depressed and sat on the garden bench and thinking of what to do next. Suddenly an ant bit him and he screamed so much as it hits so hard. Raja is so angry and thought to kill the ant and his hand went to kill that small ant.

Suddenly he saw a wonder which changes in prescription towards ants Raja went to his teammates and explained the ant story to them. Raja said – while I was about to kill the ant, he saw a line of ants of about 100 talking good of a small grain to its place, he saw that, a group of ants combined took a small grain and helping each other.

He reminded his friends and teammates that, last match we played with lack of team effort, let’s not do it for next match and fight as ants. The teamwork done by ants helped and motivated Raja to success.

Moral: Always if its group, a teamwork will make you reach heights.