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I am Nduka Dike, and I am a computer engineer, storyteller and critic. I am fascinated with science and I have great passion for Nigerian literature. I believe strongly in promotion of the Igbo culture and the Nigerian course in general. I am a student at the Michael okpara university of agriculture, Umudike and I live in Aba, Nigeria.


She held the carton close to her bosom as she walked down the street. Sunrise was an hour away and the street was dead quiet save for the echoes of her slippers hitting the ground. She looked at her baby … Continue reading

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When The gods Leave

Mrs. Ndidi laid out her maps on the table, then she placed the globes on them, carefully making sure that all three of them sat exactly alike. Arranging her shop every morning was like a ritual she performed, like pouring … Continue reading

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The Girl From Dimga’s Place

She was the first thing he saw as he entered Dimga’s place. She was standing by the cat-fish tank, staring intently at the fish. A waiter stood beside her pointing at the fish, willing her to make a choice. She … Continue reading

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Mask Of The Raiders

My grandfather was a superb story teller; he’d sit on his giant upholstery chair in his sitting room, his glazed eyes blinking sporadically like he had no control over what they did, his hands shaking as he gesticulated vigorously, while … Continue reading

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The Ténéré Fall (A Sci-Fi)

T.I.M.E. complex,  Ténéré, Sahara 2132 Ejiro stood at his balcony and stretched, he gulped in as much fresh air as he could then exhaled slowly. He loved it here, on his balcony, set above the forest canopy. He loved to … Continue reading

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Timely Chaos

Aba, United African Federation 2095 Professor Nwude sat, entranced and stared at the city as it sprawled out several kilometres away, unblinking. The glass buildings jutting out from the ground and racing into the clouds, the autonomous airborne vehicles hovering in … Continue reading

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The Marathon

In the New Year of 2013, I decided I was going to run in the 25 kilometers  Abiriba Marathon.  I did not just decide that day, I had been saying I would since I saw the runners arrive at the … Continue reading

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Africa Is Now

Let us stop for a moment Take a look around us Feast our eyes on the carnage That envelops us Does shame not threaten to swallow us up? When we turn away And say “these Africans self”? Do we not … Continue reading

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The Darkness In Our Sun

Abiriba Outskirts, Biafra, 1969.   Akancha was still very sleepy when she left their makeshift hut. “Why do we have to go so early?” She asked when her mother woke her. “The sun is not even up yet.” “Please don’t … Continue reading

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Fish Without Water

Cynthia walked to the podium and collected the microphone from her smiling pastor. She smiled back at him, her heart pounding in her mouth. She faced the congregation, overdressed and overenthusiastic middle aged women smiling at her eagerly expecting her … Continue reading

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