John a stand-up comedian of a very small town came to a city of dreams Mumbai, to start his living. John is very ambitious and always ready to make another laugh. He went to many places all over Mumbai and tried his luck to get a stand-up show.

Always people judge others by their appearance and not by their behavior. John tried hard to get into the place where he wanted to be. Once John met a senior author and very famous stand-up comedian and seek for his support.

That senior author told john to go away from that place and told Mumbai is not a place to live and laugh at others. John took that to heart and realized that he needs to prove to the world that he is a better stand-up comedian.

John started his shows on his own at public places make himself a joker in front of others and started getting money as well as livelihood. John did not stop his efforts and tried hard to survive. One day John performance was observed by a very small restaurant owner who asked him whether he can perform his stand-up comedy at his restaurant for free.

John was very happy and performed the best show and gain a lot of trusts and started doing shows regularly there. He finally made his debut show in Mumbai in a very big theatre and that senior author was his chief guest for that show. That show was a showstopper and John never looked back he made everyone laugh throughout that show and even that senior author could not stop his laughing.

Moral: Always try to smile and make others smile, even you are at hard times. Never lose that smile on your face