Khushi is 10-year-old girl, who lives nearby Kolkata. Khushi lives with her parents and always she is very active on every step she does. Once all kids and parents are going to a picnic to a hill station nearby and thought that this picnic could be a great refreshment.

Khushi and other kids are playing at that hill station and suddenly Khushi saw a strange thing in the hill area. Some of the goons are trying to kidnap a kid and Khushi was alarmed for once. Khushi has no chance to call anyone at that time and she needs to save that kid from them. She slowly went to the goon’s vehicle and tried to remove air from the tyres.

She is successful with her plan and all goons were shattered to see the vehicle is not moving. They left the kid at that place and ran away for life. Later Khushi took that kid to their parents and told the story. Later those goons were caught by police.

Moral: Be smart & brave and always be cautious of what happening around you.