Our Services


Our Services include:

  • Writing Services: Are you looking for writers who can meet deadlines and deliver well written materials? Do you need writers who can write for your blog or you are in need of somebody to ghostwrite a book for you? Look no further, at PenAStory, we offer you only the best of the best and we provide you with writing samples and previous works done by a selection of writers for you to select from. We provide writing services in the areas of book writing, copywriting, scriptwriting, proposal writing, speech writing, and many more.
  • Content Development: Do you need content in any area such as entertainment, literature, lifestyle, TV or radio, short films and so on, don’t worry, contact us and let us help you build your ideas either from scratch or join you into expanding it to what you dream of.
  • Editing Services: Perhaps you have written a material but you need some extra polishing for it, spare yourself the headache and let us make the necessary adjustments needed for you. Writing right is all we are concerned about so that you are able to convey your ideas in the best way possible.
  • Talent Management: We understand that the business of creativity can sometimes be tricky and as such we can help to manage you to become a better writer. We groom you to become a better writer and help you in your journey into becoming a recognized writer. We also offer consultancy on creativity as well as coaching services.
  • Social Media Management: We live in a digital age where most people are online now, we at PenAStory can help you manage your website/blog and also manage your social media accounts. Helping you to build a strong online presence in order to reach your potential clients or customers is what we would be working towards should you decide to trust us with this task.