The Stranger’s Path – ANAS ABDULWAHEED

I found my Solace on the stranger’s way

Seen my true love on a stranger’s face

Found my comfort on the stranger’s path

Was happy with the stranger all day

Moving on out of conviction and depression

Coming forth with innovation and information

Building the future into a blissful generation

All was with help of the stranger’s instruction

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A Few Shades Of Charles (18+) – SULEIMAN MURKTHAR

The world stood still, at that point I realized that I could be as flexible as ever. It wasn’t that he was very big, no; it was the mode each stroke could speak a thousand words. Every time he pulled back, he took me with him and every time he pulled in, it was as though his dick pricked my heart and my breasts danced in all directions. Continue reading

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Spiritual Deadness

No one told me this would happen. I don’t even understand why this is happening, when I willingly gave my life and everything that concerns me to Jesus Christ, I thought, no I felt a surge of change. A rush of fulfillment ran through my veins and I knew it at once I wasn’t just a Christian as my parents have told me, I realized at that point that I was now a child of God.  Continue reading

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Tragedy Begets

A crown made of darkness he wears atop his head
Pearls of tears adorn her neck
Racing heart beats yet he is dead
She smiles on the outside to hide the inner wreck
Tragedy begets them like a fine garment
Do you not hear the sonority in their lament?
He rides on a pale white horse
She awaits his arrival like a lonesome queen Continue reading

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A World Without Peace – FAKOYA SALAMOT

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A world without peace

The earth would puff and cough like an engine

Tired of going any further

She would seek her mother

But where would she be?

For she is in need

In need indeed!

Then she begins to bother

No mother, no father Continue reading

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I Believe

I believe in the moon, stars and planets

They bring peace to my heart

I believe in stolen kisses and long hugs

The remembrance of young love they associate with

I believe in road trips and family dinners

The sense of belonging that most crave for Continue reading

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The Chronicles Of Ade Abel Episode 1 – DA JANDY

It was a cold night in the small town of Amunututu. The fowlers had gone in to roost. The goats were settled in, chewing their cords. Ade went to the backyard to shut the door to the cages of the domestic animals. Thereafter, he came back into the closet to join in the dinner. Ade was the senior son and he had seven siblings bringing the total number of children in the house to eight (four boys and four girls). Continue reading

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The Graduate’s Story – True Life Experience Episode 5

Excerpt from episode 4:

Tope and I still communicate once in a while. She still vows to wait for me no matter how long it takes. I know what happened was a mistake and it still remains a secret but for how long? Two years and Ella still wasn’t properly guided on my sexcapade with Tope. Somehow, someday, as I showered in the sink, a message dropped in my phone. Ella was close-by so she checked it. The look that followed after she had checked scared me. Is she now “properly guided”?

To read episode 4: CLICK HERE

I kept my head down in pain and anguish. The slap that landed my cheeks didn’t give much of a choice what to do next. No reprisals, no words, I just kept mute. When I finally regained my voice I muttered,  “Ella it’s not what you think, I’m so sorry I should have told you”. Continue reading

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Look, I know say you like me
Your heart skip every time I say nice things
See, my bobo wey dey shy since maybe fate don say we can’t find this
But see, I’m a kind of classy girl
I can’t be subjecting myself to you
You can call me Black Beetle
Give me all the money, I’ll rock it to the fullest Continue reading

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My heart still bleeds
My mind still fragile
My soul still feeble
Let my feelings flow through my keypads

Scars were birthed to my Beautiful
The decapitation of my mind
A sweet smile on my face
As I write the pain away … Continue reading

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