Afternoon Mosquito – AKEWUSOLA HABIB

Age cannot save you

Death might not pain you,

Can mad claim disable

So a king claim disciple,

Argument on reputation

Title war 365 rotation

Thinking for a free

Dreaming make believe,

Philanthropic giant

Man-made idea

Biased anthony

Litigate between Ann tony

Shall evil exit after rapture?

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The Home Coming

The long limbs of twilight played a slow game of police-catch-thief with the last signs of daylight. The sun had not risen when he left Lagos.  A medley of bad roads which were a fixture of bloated government budgets, and needless countless checkpoints, manned by hungry looking policemen more concerned with lining their pockets with the contents of his wallet than national security, ensured that sixteen hours after he drove past the Agba Meta he was only just approaching the Ring Road axis of Benin City. Continue reading

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For you

And if you depart

From our fastened belt

And we would shed sad joy

For the coach we discern

May abscond

You may leave Continue reading

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In House Response: I am Dating But Attracted To Two Other Men

On last edition of Tell Tale Thursday, we brought to your notice the dilemma of Natasha who is currently in a relationship but finds herself still attracted to two other men. If you missed that you can CLICK HERE. Continue reading

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Bonnie And Clyde

I woke up that morning feeling listless and particularly homesick. It was August and the morning had fully unfurled out of the foggy night, with the painful sun piercing through the window panes and tearing the light curtains to strike my soggy eyes. I could hear the other boys in the block snorting at every heave of  the dumb bells in the gym house. Saturday mornings were always ponderous; the boys were usually abuzz with indiscriminate chatters of their salacious fantasies with the girls in the blocks as they queued up to use the gym.  Continue reading

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Lo, I Am With You Always – OZIOMA OKAFOR

She thought she was all alone on this journey

This Journey of living

Endless heartbreaks has torn her heart apart

Betrayal is something she has come to live with

She couldn’t trust anyone, not even herself

The future was bleak and it scared the hell out of her Continue reading

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The Chronicles Of Ade Abel Episode 5 – DA JANDY

Excerpt from episode 4:

Mr. Etim quickly gave him the required funds to purchase the form and past question for the entrance exam which was two months away. Ade being a brilliant young man had minimal difficulties while perusing the past questions. He was glad to be in touch with what he loved best.

To read episode 4: CLICK HERE

Excessive reading doesn’t kill, does it? At least Ade didn’t die. He paid the office visits once in a while and on those visits, Mr. Etim being who he is, always inquired about the success which Ade has achieved in his course of preparing for the entrance exams. The exam was fast approaching and Ade was gaining knowledge at a per second billing. When it was two days to the exam, he paid the Etims a visit just to intimate them of his exams once more. They prayed with him and admonished him to make good use of the opportunity.  He sure did make good use of the opportunity because by the time the result was released, he had the highest score, beating the fresh secondary school leavers and topping the admission list. Ade’s joy knew no bound, he was not only happy for himself but obviously he was happy that he did not let Mr. and Mrs. Etim down.  Continue reading

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Black Love Diary Part 3

Excerpt from part 2:

“I d-d-d-don’t really kn-kn-know ………he said something about a-a-a-a-……….” Her voice trailed off again. She was apparently very disturbed. She excused herself and ran up the stairs. In less than two minutes, she was down again, clutching tightly to her purse as she wheezed past us, almost tripping over the last step as she approached the door. “I have to go now, I’ll be back soon” she’d said and left hurriedly.

To read part 2: CLICK HERE

The weather that night was bad, muggy and overcast. I could hardly sleep. The torrent was heavy and the thunders never seemed to cease – a bad omen, presaging the terror that was about to come. Mom didn’t return until it was almost mid-day. She told us it was just an exaggerated emergency call; that Dad had been rushed to the clinic after a vomiting spree. I felt oddly pacified by her assurances partly because she had a knack for downplaying horrible incidents even where the average person would react in hysteria. But what could a little girl wish for; it may have been that he was only reacting to something he ate – I wasn’t quite sure – well, time would tell.  Continue reading

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Advice Me: I am Dating But Attracted To Two Other Men

Dear Readers,

It is with immense pleasure that I will like to inform you that PenAStory’s Tell Tale Thursday is back. I sincerely apologise for the long absence and hope that you have all been doing well since the category has been inactive. We are kick starting this category with the love relationship of Natasha. Kindly read her dilemma below and drop your mature advice.   Continue reading

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The Devil In Him Part 2

Excerpt from Part 1:

“You have been drinking again,” she said amidst her sobbing but he didn’t answer. He gave a high pitched laugh and discarding his clothes, stepped into the bathroom and drowned her sobbing with the noise of the shower.

To read part 1: CLICK HERE

Rose curled into a fetal position on the floor and continued sobbing silently as she heard him barfing in the bathroom. There was the sound of running water and then he was back in the room.

            “So someone cannot play with you again? Ordinary small push and you are acting like someone that has just been beaten by a mob.” The irritation in his voice was evident and as he staggered past her, he gave her an annoyed kick before collapsing on the bed. Continue reading

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