Once there is a dense forest, with a lot of animals, birds, and its pure nature feast. The forest has a cute monkey by the name pongo. Pongo is very space credit, enjoying his life with a lot of happiness and fun. Pongo has a good monkey friend Tingu, he is very sad all the time with some of the other problems, that comes his way.

Pongo and Tingu are very best friends and always pongo insists Tingu stay happy and avoid all the worries created by the fellow
animals. Once Tingu went out of the region it stays, came very late in the evening, met pongo.

Tingu’s face is very scary and it’s very abnormal than usual. Pongo found something that happened to Tingu and asked what happened? Tingu with a very scary face told the story!

As Tingu went out of the region, there is a group of other animals, which were very arrogant and did many mischievous things with
Tingu and tried to kill him to death. Pongo listened to the entire story and decided to make his friend fearless for those animals and took him to that region, where those animals live.

Pongo told to Tingu to not fight with those animals, instead of without knowing to them, teach them a lesson. Tingu is very scary but trusted his friend words took a deep breath and started listening to pongo ideas. As per their plan, Tingu went to that animal’s place and saw their food one place, Tingu theft the entire food and ran from there, the same way every day, Tingu and Pongo theft the food and serve other needed animals, after few days those animals are lack of food….

One fine day, they both went to that animal’s place and saw that all the animals are very tired and very hungry for food. At that time, Tingu and Pongo, served them the food they have and told every living thing in this world has the right to stay at its place and never spoils others happiness, someday your happiness will be at stake. Then all the other animals realized the importance of every living thing and welcomed Tingu with all happiness.

Moral: Tough times may come for every living thing, we need to be stubborn and think of ideas to survive, always being sad or always being scared is not advisable.