Kiss Me Through The Phone – ELISHA SEYITAN

I wonder what have become of the present day relationships

We no longer wait for those carefully beautifully written letters of our loved ones

They have been replaced with instant messaging

Those letters reflected true emotions

You do not need to speak in person as what is written resonates over and over again  Continue reading

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I rushed home tired and famished after a long day at school. All I craved now was shower, good food, my neatly laid bed and peace and quiet. But what I met at home was a far cry from peace and quiet. I could hear my parents screaming at the top of their voices and sounds of fists landing on human body. I sighed as I lay on my bed without even bothering to take off my school uniform. Continue reading

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In Wait

You who are in the black pit drowning

Letting the salty water take you and your bones under

Your soul is trapped in the beyond

You scream aloud, foaming your mouth

You drain colorful tears and as the swirling dancing water thrives,

They wet your eyes and steal away your agony

‘Tis the reason for the chains locking your ankles and the guillotine lying in wait Continue reading

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Ex Captain, Marcus Keyamo prepared a small arsenal for his mission. His Kevlar vest embraced him. Decked in all black full body armour, he was ready to melt into the night.

“The night is for the watchman.” his squad leader Philip had said all those years ago when Marcus was a new recruit in the army.

“The one who must be vigilant to the threats so that others don’t have to be. The one who protects,” he had said Continue reading

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History flow

Generation tap

Alphabetical tablet

Manuscript target

Enlighten racket

Swing to life, back to casket.

As a child is born

Rice begin to burn Continue reading

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To The One That Made Me Love Again – ADEDAYO ADEMOKOYA


The earth turned red and I was drenched with terror. Helplessly waiting and hopelessly expecting. Having faith like the biblical mustard seed, hoping that everything would be alright. Suddenly, the dove of my heart descending from the celestial body, perfectly carved for me. I thought it was an illusion but as days and weeks pass by, it dawned on me that this is reality.  How do I describe this dove? Well, I would say she is my perfect one; perfection of its kind. The one that made me love again. The one that made every of my little piece fall in place again.

Let me pour out my heart to my scintillating dove. To the one that captivated my passion, I say ‘kudos’. To the epitome of beauty with the silhouette of honor, I doff my hat. You are my rainfall in the harmattan, refreshment of hope and energy.

I am your Adam and you are my Eve. Together we will live in paradise and God will be our God. You awakened my slumbering mind. You brought action out of my passivity. You immortalized me and sparked the fire of compassion in me. You thrashed all the charming doubts and ended the solitude that led to self-destruction. You flushed away my sorrows. You sowed your seed of loveliness in me and fertilized it with your kisses, watered it with your sugary words of boldness. You made me have all of you. Even if it means passing the camel through the needle’s eye.

You erased all my faults. You thought me to be a lion, the dreaded and respected king. And you are my caring and jealous queen. You untamed the creativity in me, allowing my freedom to go wild. All of you I cherish. To the one that worshiped me, I am humble. To the pacifier of my furor, to the queen of my colony. to the colourful attire on my humble self, to my language, to my music and rhythm, to my muse, gratitude and honor. Peace everlasting. Graciousness forever yours!!!

Sometimes, I find myself far from you but just know that you are the closest to my pretty tiny heart. You improved my self-worth with valuable morals. How will I forget you my shiny sapphire? With all you’ve done for/and with me, I can’t appreciate your influence less. To the unblemished beauty glowing inside out, the unadulterated contagious laughter filling my soul, you made my heart rained the rain of affection. You impregnated my soul with uncommon dexterity.  These are just few from the numerous things you’ve done for me. To thee that blinded herself to my rivals. To the one that elevated me far above other ladies. Roses, kisses and love to you.


Adedayo Ademokoya is a writer and a poet. He is an undergraduate of Osun State University, Osogbo. Although he is an agronomist in the making, his flair for writing to impact the world makes him dynamic. He is a lover of football that supports Manchester United FC. He is
also known as Fantastic Dee.


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Mother Asaya

BEFORE YOU, mother Asaya,
In Khaki I stand;
Before your bushy presence,
A prodigal
Feeding on yam and bean,
Lost in your Parade
Under your scorching sun I wait
In my jungle boots,
Soldiers for the march
At commands of scod 1 and 2
out of his lungs commandant cries;
Remove head dress and salute. Continue reading

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The Chronicles Of Ade Abel Episode 6 – DA JANDY

Excerpt from episode 5:

Fast forward to two weeks later, it was finally time for Ade to return to the big city and discuss the job offer which Mr. Etim had for him. Ade wasted no time in heading back to the big City. He paid the Etims a courtesy visit. They were glad he had finally returned. Mr. Etim discussed about the job offer, the benefits and others. This allured Ade immediately and he was asked to resume at I. T TRUTH conglomerate the following day after a four year hiatus.

To read episode 5: CLICK HERE

Ade resumed the following day at the office. He looked smart and neat as always the only difference was the load of enlightenment radiating all over him. Of course he wasn’t the office assistant anymore.

“Boys don upgrade,” Mr. Etim reintroduced Ade as a graduate of the Federal university of Social and Management Sciences. Continue reading

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Late Night Conversations

It was a perfect evening for taking a stroll. The paths leading to the Reserve were a rustling carpet of golden leaves and the air hung heavy with the smell of dry bush and bonfires. Perry and I walked in the direction of the meadows and continued keenly in our lighthearted prattles.

“My Goodness, you’re such a funny bone,” she would intermittently confess, tugging my shoulders with a mild punch.

Continue reading

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Ode And The Contraband

Ode Amadi carried with him a queer smile while he leaned lukewarm on the left side door hinge. I had not seen his face for several years, since he went away on a long journey to the city of Onitsha to learn, from an uncle, a trade. His name was Chime Amadi, and if you have walked through the earth of my village in Umuahia, you would take notice he indeed is wealthy as any wine merchant in the country’s east. Eloquent Chime was, amongst his peers, within the women’s club, in our eyes he seemed our King Midas. He was very successful and this had prompted Odes’s burdensome father to reason sending the boy away to his elder brother.  I undid the green blanket covering me, gradually with all my effort peeled myself down the mattress, thinking to myself as to why I was so astonished at Ode’s unusual visit. He appeared so polished from top to bottom as my eyes had never seen before.

Continue reading

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