The Story and It’s Location

In last week’s topic I shared my opinion on “The power of Gratitude” and I remembered I bordered on showing appreciation to those who in one way or the other contributes to the progress and completion of our films. It is important for us to know that it does not necessarily need to involve monetary appreciation but also appreciation in behaviour and relations with workers. So in midst of knowing how to go about writing our story and getting our cast, I will like to share my opinion on “The Story and It’s Location”. Continue reading

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The Graduate’s Story – True Life Experience Episode 6

Excerpt from episode 5:

I thought I still had Ella until I noticed how carried away she was by the talks of this man. She laughed and was smug. I was angry and depressed at the same time as I gazed from afar. It’s hopeless, she’s gone, something said within me. Just when I thought it was a mere evening date, this man brought out a small white box which seemed like a talisman given by a local witch doctor. On a closer look, it was a beautiful white box. Oh my God!. As he made to the floor with his knees, I shouted.

This was the beginning of my story as a married man, a husband and a Graduate.

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I fixed my gaze at them. They were seated and gorging themselves on cupcakes and tiny shreds of chips in ketchups. The bar was pretty noisy and but grand decor. It was a perfect site for the love story that inadvertently wrote. The gala swathes of ivy that decorated the large hall and holly curtains on the bay windows, the lighting; the enormous chandeliers with serrated nozzles that buried luminous lights hanging above the ceilings and to top it all, the place was brightly-lit and people were abuzz with animated chatters.  Continue reading

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The Chronicles Of Ade Abel Episode 3 – DA JANDY

Excerpt from episode 2:

His mind was full with tales to tell at least he had held on to a little success in the city, his boss was well pleased with him and even gave him some money with which to celebrate the festive season. The only thing that saddened him was the fact that he had not fulfilled his dream of gaining higher education.

To read episode 2: CLICK HERE

The road was packed full with motorist plying it, women trading their wares and street beggars going about their business. The journey was really tiresome. After many hours on the road due to the hold up, Ade finally got home amidst cheers from his family members and friends. 
Mr. Abel was glad that his son was not looking bad at all and Mrs. Abel couldn’t hide her joy as well.
Continue reading

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Your First Cast As An Independent Film Maker – ADELEKE JOSEPH A

Last week, I shared my opinion on “Your Story” and I remember I said my first story was not better than the worst story I had seen. I remember I titled my first story “Tears”, though the title originally was “A million Tears”. But, when I told one of my lecturer/ mentor (Tunde Olaoye) about it, he said one’s title shouldn’t reveal what one story is all about. Instead it should always create series of questions in the mind of the audience. So he suggested ‘Tears’ and so it was. After several months, I wrote the story again and made the project with Afrique l’timeline. One thing I have learnt with time is that you can always make your work better once you have been able to identify your mistakes from your first trial.  Continue reading

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I was like that black and white picture hung on the wall

Devoid of colour but contented with my loneliness

Then you came along

And brought colour to my life

I was all shades of bright

And happy with my new-found beauty Continue reading

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Last week, I told you all about the distinction between love and money in the context of film making; I believe, I was clear enough in my opinion that loving what you do is the first thing in film making; having said that, I will like to talk to you about “Your Story”. Continue reading

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The Chronicles Of Ade Abel Episode 2 – DA JANDY

Excerpt from episode 1:

“Kpo kpo” was the sound that emanated from his bang on Steve’s door. Steve not really expecting a visitor at that hour inquired as to who the visitor was “Who’s that?”
Ade replied it was him and Steve opened the door, being so glad to see his bosom friend, he hugged Ade and led him into his flat.

To read episode 1: CLICK HERE

Steve was a young man who just secured a job, his apartment was set up nicely with a set of furniture, his small TV, a picture of himself and a small rug at the middle of the living room.
“Steve you be big man oo!” Ade exclaimed while scanning rapidly his friends abode. For a second his mind ran wide, he imagined if only he had made up his mind much earlier to come to the big city instead of wallowing in his self-aggrandizement back in his father’s house. Continue reading

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Running To The City

It will be falsely presumed, if rather, I say that she had a certain powerful control over me. It too would mean that I hadn’t much of a choice in the matter. Also, it would definitely mean that I hadn’t a choice but to let her overwhelm my every decision about life. Yes! She was beautiful, too much and she too was a possessive one, who could on the first contact cause springing tingling lewd thoughts in you. So who was I not to hollow in deep into the wonderful intoxicating beauty of all of Olokoro clan, to be held closely, at such longetivity, and on a leash by her jaw-breaking features, which all men in this clan of mine, craved so earnestly as one craves happiness itself. Who was I not to love her? Continue reading

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Dear Alex: Eulogy To My Departed Friend

Alex was many things to many, a son, a brother, a friend, a colleague, and to some others just another person that they knew but whatever he may have been to any of us, what I do know is that he was a God-loving person who tried to live his life for Him. A death in the family leaves a void that cannot be filled because no one can ever take the place of who we have lost. My mind doesn’t completely understand that one minute he was here and now he is gone but this is a reality that I must come to sit with.

Continue reading

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The Bridge Between Love And Money – ADELEKE JOSEPH A.

Just like every career, the moment you decide to become a film-maker or an act on screen, you have decided to get involved with spending for few years without returns. It will be funny to think that you can make huge amounts of money as soon as you get into film. Of course, it still doesn’t mean you can’t, if you actually have the money before you get into it. So it is quite important to fall in love with the job and make it a priority; preferably a top one, before entering into it. And not lusting over the money involved in it. Continue reading

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