Black Love Diary Part 3

Excerpt from part 2:

“I d-d-d-don’t really kn-kn-know ………he said something about a-a-a-a-……….” Her voice trailed off again. She was apparently very disturbed. She excused herself and ran up the stairs. In less than two minutes, she was down again, clutching tightly to her purse as she wheezed past us, almost tripping over the last step as she approached the door. “I have to go now, I’ll be back soon” she’d said and left hurriedly.

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The weather that night was bad, muggy and overcast. I could hardly sleep. The torrent was heavy and the thunders never seemed to cease – a bad omen, presaging the terror that was about to come. Mom didn’t return until it was almost mid-day. She told us it was just an exaggerated emergency call; that Dad had been rushed to the clinic after a vomiting spree. I felt oddly pacified by her assurances partly because she had a knack for downplaying horrible incidents even where the average person would react in hysteria. But what could a little girl wish for; it may have been that he was only reacting to something he ate – I wasn’t quite sure – well, time would tell.  Continue reading

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Advice Me: I am Dating But Attracted To Two Other Men

Dear Readers,

It is with immense pleasure that I will like to inform you that PenAStory’s Tell Tale Thursday is back. I sincerely apologise for the long absence and hope that you have all been doing well since the category has been inactive. We are kick starting this category with the love relationship of Natasha. Kindly read her dilemma below and drop your mature advice.   Continue reading

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The Devil In Him Part 2

Excerpt from Part 1:

“You have been drinking again,” she said amidst her sobbing but he didn’t answer. He gave a high pitched laugh and discarding his clothes, stepped into the bathroom and drowned her sobbing with the noise of the shower.

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Rose curled into a fetal position on the floor and continued sobbing silently as she heard him barfing in the bathroom. There was the sound of running water and then he was back in the room.

            “So someone cannot play with you again? Ordinary small push and you are acting like someone that has just been beaten by a mob.” The irritation in his voice was evident and as he staggered past her, he gave her an annoyed kick before collapsing on the bed. Continue reading

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Buy Me Bread: Graduate’s Anguish – PRINCE JEREMIAH KADIRI

“O boy, you never give me my bread o!” One of the almost chorus like sounding sentences an ex-corps member gets days and even weeks after P.O.P.  In a good mood one could simply return the favour by saying, “Bros I no dey work for bakery na,” but then they begin to emphasize on the ‘my bread’ thing like they sent you to serve in a bakery far away in the East. Well, it is only normal that one buys bread for ‘the homies’ na. Abi how them go take know say you travel or don come from travel ni? But for some reasons you can’t afford not to let the warm rush of blood swirl through your grey matter when the bread-collectors storm your private quarters. Others be like, “You don finish so o,” and no matter how innocent they sound, your mind begin to sink in the shallow depth of ‘What does that mean!?  You begin to think there’s more to what is being said. That is just the beginning. Trust me, your personal person has a sledgehammer question to hit you with. “Now that you are through, what are your plans for us?” Even my scrotal sac shrinks at the sound of that. Everyone wants and or expects something from you. Continue reading

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I used to be the wide eyed kid
Sitting on the front row of that white pew
Committing to memory, the words preached
Fervently hoping when the trumpet sounds, I’m among the selected few
To make it through those pearly white gates
The eternal reward of those who had faith
Continue reading

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Black Love Diary Part 2

Excerpt from Part 1:

Dad was always the understanding, easy going person while mom was equally cheerful and submissive. I often thought their love was one made in heaven as the chemistry existing between them was so palpable, even a child as little as I was could tell. Annalise, still looking out the window spoke again; unknowingly snapping me out of my short reverie.

“She said that we’ve been betrayed…”

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We could never have seen it coming: that Dad would be caught right at the centre of an extramarital office romance. It was too befuddling to process. The questions of when, how and why proved very difficult to answer. Maybe the signs were there all along. I myself couldn’t tell anyway, the slight nuances that had begun to chip away at the love and spark that existed between mum and dad. But, he had started coming home late from work, missing his evening meals more frequently. Continue reading

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From the scratch,

We never knew

How time flew

Being together

Is like forever

But never mind,

We would live Continue reading

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Stereotypes – OZIOMA OKAFOR

I once thought all apples were green until I saw a red one

I once thought all peppers were red until I saw a green one

I once thought all boards were black until I came across a white one

I once thought all hairs were black until I met a blonde

I once thought all eyes were round until I saw a Japanese Continue reading

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The Chronicles Of Ade Abel Episode 4 – DA JANDY

Excerpt From Episode 3:

They exchanged pleasantries once more before Ade intimated his boss about the gift which his parents sent him to give to his boss as a show of gratitude for being so nice to their boy. “Wow this is lovely Ade, I love cocoa so much where did they get these fine pods from?”
Ade replied that his parents actually had a cocoa plantation and these ones were part of their produce. Mr. Etim thanked Ade once more.

To read episode 3: CLICK HERE

As Ade left Mr. Etim’s office, the thought which had struck Mr. Etim’s mind concerning the fact that such a worthy young man deserved more than just the job of an office assistant, resurfaced. He had thought about the young man while on vacation in Spain, and had wondered what he could do to assist him become someone great in life. On getting home that day, Mr. Etim’s wife welcomed him. She was surprised to see the nice looking cocoa which her husband brought home. She inquired as to where and how he got the cocoa. Continue reading

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Black Love Diary

The journey from Iwo, Ibadan to the city of Benin was by no means an easy one. Although I was no stranger to this kind of trips, being a third year student of the prestigious purple and gold citadel of academic excellence, the hours seemed to stretch far beyond what I was already used to. All the same, I could never have felt more idyllic by the time I arrived at my lush two-storey hostel overlooking the expressway. With swift deftness, I turned the key in the lock of my condo, pushed the door open and barged right in. Continue reading

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